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Lumibrite Chair side Whitening

Lumibrite Chair side Whitening is the latest development of the in-office version of professional whitening products from Denmat, Inc. Denmat was the company that was behind Rembrandt Toothpaste (until the brand and the formula was sold in 2003) and continues to be a leader in the whitening field – as is has been for over 20 years.

What is the Lumibrite Chair side Whitening Process?

The Lumibrite Chair side Whitening process is an in-office bleaching procedure using a strong hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel (35% solution) and the use of a powerful LED Activation light to enhance the gel’s effects. It is designed to deliver maximum whitening in 60 minutes or less. To prevent sensitivity issues, the system also features a desensitizing agent.

How does the Lumibrite Chair side Whitening System whiten my teeth?

The gel comes in at 35% hydrogen peroxide. That is the strongest as it gets in the whitening field – and that is the major cause of the whitening process and achieving the shade you want. You will want to start by scheduling an appointment to have your teeth cleaned first before scheduling your whitening procedure to remove any calculus and surface stains beforehand to get the best results.

What should I expect during my in-office procedure?

During your procedure we will first use a “Paint-on Dental Dam” to prevent damage to the soft gum tissues. Additionally, we will apply a lip moisturizer to protect the soft lip surface as well. Next, the Lumibrite Desensitizing Enhancer is applied to the teeth before application of the Whitening Gel. Once the teeth are coated, the Sapphire LED light will be positioned at the mouth and set for 30 minutes. We will then check your progress every 15 minutes or so. If it’s determined that you will benefit from 30 more minutes then we will apply an additional layer of the Desensitizing Enhancer and the Whitening Gel for another 30 minutes. When the whitening procedure is completed, the Paint-on Dental Dam is removed along with everything else. Your appointment should last a little over an hour.

How do I maintain a Lumibrite Chair side Whitening System Smile?

Professional whitened smiles need very little maintenance, but its best to follow through with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist. You can also maintain your new smile by using take home bleach kits/trays purchased in our office.  

*For best results be sure to schedule your prophy appointment before you have your teeth whitened.

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